Automotive carpet protection film main uses and characteristics

- Mar 21, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, the car carpet protective film is a polyethylene plastic film as a substrate, and cross-linked polyacrylic resin used as an adhesive, formulated and adjusted. Adhesive milky white, soft, special type of holding, so the application of automotive carpet protection film is more extensive, the product is divided into two kinds of transparent and opaque, and there are nine colors to choose from.


In addition to different colors, in fact, in accordance with the requirements of users in the car carpet protective film surface printing text and graphics, play a certain degree of product promotion. The automotive carpet protection film is mainly used for the surface of automobile carpets, which can play a protective role, so that car carpets will not be contaminated and scratched during storage, transportation and processing.


In addition, automotive carpet protection film is easy to use and low cost, which is a very ideal choice. And the product is characterized by good transparency, does not affect the appearance of the product itself, and has good tensile properties, is not easy to break, can stick to the surface of the substrate, and when the process is finished tearing it off, there will be no glue Residues, and water-based glue will not affect the protective surface. And has a dust-proof effect, so that the carpet can maintain a clean and tidy effect.


Car carpet protective film itself has many advantages, first of all, it has a proper viscosity, easy to paste easily tear;

Second, its peeling force is stable and its change with time is small, that is, the smaller the peeling force is, the better. At the same time also has a certain weather resistance, long use. And it is resistant to storage and stored in the warehouse for more than one year without any change in quality.


Not only that, when the automotive carpet protection film protects the surface of the automotive carpet, the adhesive is inert and does not react chemically with the surface of the adhered material. Moreover, the automotive carpet protective film has a good adhesion property to the material to be protected. During the material handling and processing, the protective film does not warp or fall off.