Auto Car Carpet Floor Protective Film

- Apr 27, 2019-

Auto car carpet floor protective film application method and use requirements

Auto car carpet floor protective film is mainly made of polyethylene film and polyacrylic acid pressure sensitive adhesive as a material, which is easy to paste and easy to remove. Pressure sensitive adhesive will not occur on carpet and fiber. Adverse effects, secondary to the decorative appearance of carpets and similar carpet textures (such as wall), car edge blankets, and decorative surfaces of similar carpets, fiber-like seat exteriors, etc.

The auto car carpet floor protective film is mainly brushed on the PET film by a doctor blade or a roller coating method. Pay attention to the cleanness of the PET film. The PET film can be cleaned beforehand to ensure that there is no stain on the protective film, and if it is sprayed, If you touch it by hand, please bring clean gloves to prevent the sweat or dirt on your hands from coming into contact with the PET film, resulting in uneven brushing and foaming.

Auto car carpet floor protective film recommended paste method

The width of the protective film is varied. From 7CM-cm, but no matter how wide the protective film is used, it should be evenly pulled apart in parallel, and the speed should be uniform. This way, when the protective film is torn open, the uneven force will generate tension and protect. There are different thicknesses on the surface of the film, resulting in warping, or a decrease in the viscosity of the glue.

Gently stick to the plastic sheet and peel it off. Don't pull too much. This prevents the dust and debris in the production plant from sticking to the glue during the process of sticking, reduces the viscosity of the glue, and the protective effect and the transparency effect are deteriorated. It will also prevent too much tearing, the paste is not timely, the film and the film are pasted, wrinkles appear, affecting the appearance and effect, after sticking on the board, it should be lightly attached, the power is moderate, not too big.