Application performance of PE glass film

- Aug 19, 2020-

PE glass film is a high-performance surface protection film product, which can achieve good protection effects on the glass surface. The product has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion, and it will not fog after being laminated to the glass. The application of PE glass film can effectively prevent the product from being contaminated, scratched, damaged or sticking to dust during production and transportation.

So, what performance characteristics should high-quality PE glass film products have? In general, the product should have excellent stability, smooth film surface, high transparency, suitable for touch screen glass, and high-gloss plastic shell protection. Regarding the storage environment and period requirements of this product, it can be stored for 24 months in a dark place indoors at a temperature of 25°C and a relative humidity of 65%.

According to the specific size of PE glass film products, it can be cut according to customer requirements, and special specifications can be developed and customized. In practical applications, this product can be used with various packaging machinery, such as strapping; strapping machine; shrinking machine; stretch film machine; sealing machine, etc.

For users, when selecting PE glass film products, they should pay attention that the selected product can well meet the actual application requirements. First of all, the product should have suitable adhesiveness, easy to stick and tear; second, the product's peeling force should be stable, with little change over time, that is to say, the smaller the peeling force rise, the better; at the same time, the product should have good weather resistance, under sun exposure conditions , The use period is as long as six months to one year.

In addition, PE glass film products should have a certain storage period, and during this period, there should be no adverse changes in their performance. Generally, it is required to be stored in a warehouse for more than one year without any change in quality; the product will not pollute or corrode the surface of the protected article during application, the adhesive is inert, and will not chemically react with the surface of the material to be adhered; and it should also have excellent quality Mechanical properties, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc. that meet user requirements.