Application of stainless steel protective film

- Mar 10, 2018-

Stainless steel protective film has a very large role in the surface protection of various stainless steel materials, so that it is not damaged during transportation, storage, processing and installation.


In the production of stainless steel protective films, rewinding and cutting are often performed in accordance with the customer's actual requirements. The thickness of the product is generally between 3s and 10s, and the peel strength is generally between 60-180g. The specific specifications are based on the specific sheet of stainless steel and the use environment. We can make plates according to the logo, pattern, and text requested by the customer. And the color of the protective film is also very diversified, users can choose.


stainless steel protective film 3.jpg

The main application of stainless steel protective film is black and white film is more common, in addition to transparent film, black and white film, white film, blue film, milk white film, yellow film, yellow white film and black film. The product can be used for stainless steel plate, 2B board, BA board, drawing surface, mirror panel, color steel plate, color steel tile and other plate surfaces.


From the analysis of the application characteristics, the stainless steel protective film is excellent in flexibility. In use, it has a fast “wetting” speed on the surface of the stainless steel to which it is applied, and the peeling strength after the board is low. The stability of the pressure-sensitive adhesive is good. Chemical reactions to the surface to be affixed will not cause adverse effects.