Application advantages of Protective film for Home appliance plate

- Sep 27, 2018-

Protective film for Home appliance plates are widely used, and the categories of this product are becoming more and more abundant to meet different packaging requirements. A good Protective film for Home appliance plate product does not chemically react with the surface of the material to be bonded during use, and is environmentally friendly. Moreover, the product itself has excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, and elongation.


At the same time, high-quality Protective film for Home appliance plate products can be stored for a long time, as long as the protection is proper, the original quality can still be maintained after one year of storage. After attaching a protective film to the surface of home appliances, on the one hand, it can keep the appearance of the product transparent and beautiful, and it can also effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the harm caused by static electricity, to meet the special needs of the high-tech industry. need.


Our Protective film for Home appliance plate products are suitable for protecting the screen protection of a variety of electronic products. The transmittance is over 95%, the surface hardness is high, the weather resistance and temperature resistance, low temperature, good adsorption capacity, non-corrosive surface, no residue. Any glue that gives a refreshing, comfortable feel. Moreover, it can prevent direct contact of the surface of the object, prevent surface scratches, and will not generate bubbles in the coating.