Anti-static protective film of the specific status and characteristics

- Mar 07, 2018-

Anti-static protective film in the production process is mainly based on electrostatic treatment of polyester film as a substrate, to some extent mainly anti-static treatment layer and coated with acrylic adhesive from the release film.

Anti-static protective film features

1. Surface resistance 107-109Ωcm, environmentally friendly non-toxic and tasteless.

2. Anti-static protective film surface without electrostatic material migration phenomenon.

3.1000 clean processing environment, excellent cleanliness.

4.Excellent transparency, the appearance of the optical film can be inspected under the state of bonding the protective material.

5. Low viscosity, adhesion after adhesion changes over time.

6. Anti-static effect is good, lasting performance, stability.

7. Anti-static protective film with one-sided anti-static and anti-static stripping with double-sided tape voltage: 0 KV.

Anti-static protective film of the specific use of the situation

1. Anti-static protective film for mobile electronic products touch screen, but also as a protective film used, as well as the protective film of glass lenses and all kinds of panels made and the product surface protection.

2. Anti-static protective film are generally widely used in the production of FPC, PCB, and electronic components during the surface material protection and prevent the occurrence of static electricity, together is still to protect the product, the original anyway, where the use of anti- Static protective film are used as a protective product.

3. Anti-static protective film Under normal conditions will appear cross-cutting can not afford dust, and anti-static protective film also has excellent printing capabilities.

4. Anti-static protective film mobile phone button plating process protection, it is about the plastic parts shell, scattered film surface, PORON and other foam punching and other aspects of protection.