Analysis of light transmittance and wear resistance of screen protector film

- Oct 17, 2018-

The quality of the screen protector film can be measured by two properties, one is light transmittance and the other is abrasion resistance. In terms of light transmittance, 99% of the light transmittance is impossible to achieve. The best light transmittance in nature is quartz, but its highest light transmittance can only reach 95%. The highest light transmittance that we can artificially produce is optical glass, but its light transmittance is only about 97%.  


 Therefore, only a few mobile phone screen protector films on the market can reach 95%, and the transmittance of the screen protector film is less than 80%, which will seriously affect the effect of the screen display, and indirectly will put the screen The brightness is reduced. If we use the mobile phone with this screen protector film for a long time, it will increase eye strain and affect our vision.


  In addition, regarding the wear resistance of the screen protector film, the wear resistance of the screen protector film "4h" or even higher is often marked on the market, and the vast majority of these are not true wear resistance. The screen protector film generally has a wear resistance of only 3-5H to 3.8H without affecting the visual effect. Therefore, those above 4H on the market are not falsely reported that the wear resistance is so strong that the rainbow pattern is prominent.