Advantages of using wooden floor protective film and moisture resistance

- Oct 10, 2018-

The wood floor protective film mainly plays the role of moisture proof, sound insulation and balance in the process of use. There are PE, EPE, EVA, IXPE, UPVC and other polymer materials in the production materials. There are various functional areas on the market. Pads, such as aluminum film mats, special plastic mats, paper mats, etc., users can choose to use according to needs.


 In the process of purchasing the wooden floor protective film, the toughness is mainly observed. The aluminum film floor mat should pay attention to whether the aluminum film and the plastic film are closely bonded; the thicker the floor mat, the better, it is a mistake, generally about 2mm. When the thickness is too long, the floor is easy to arch, and its function is compromised. Generally, solid wood flooring usually uses aluminum film moisture-proof pad, that is, one side is aluminum film, which is metallic bright color, similar to stainless steel color, and the other side is white transparent foaming material, which is mainly used for moisture-proof and water-proof function.


 When paving the wooden floor, it is necessary to lay a moisture-proof film, apply moisture-proof oil, and do not use wet splints and rafts. In the kitchen, toilet, etc., the floor tiles are paved with floor tiles or stone as a transition to prevent ingress and egress of moisture and reduce the moisture in the door near the door. In daily life, it is often the case that the water is accidentally spilled on the ground. At this time, there is no need to be nervous, because as long as the amount is not large and the time is not long, it will not affect the floor, as long as it is dried in time.