Advantages of Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film and high adhesion

- Feb 25, 2019-

Self-adhesive carpet protective film has high adhesion during operation, and has anti-piercing and penetrating function when used; easy to unwind; easy to tear and easy to stick, peeling without residue, main specification 5-10 silk, transparent film. The protective film not only protects the surface of the product during processing, mechanical processing, transportation, assembly, storage, etc., but also enhances the visibility of your product by printing your trademark on its surface.

Advantages of self-adhesive carpet protective film

A): Type of protective film: Polyethylene is used as the substrate, and pressure sensitive oil glue or water glue is applied.

B): transparent film; opalescent film; black and white film; blue film; black film; green film.

C): Printability: 1-2 colors of trademarks and company names can be printed on the surface of the film.

Self-adhesive carpet protective film use and performance

The carpet protective film is easy to stick and easy to remove. The pressure sensitive adhesive does not adversely affect the carpet and its fibers. This product is mainly used for carpet and decorative surfaces like carpet texture (such as wall), car interior carpet, and the like. Protection of the decorative surface of the carpet, the seating surface of the fibrous texture, and the like. The carpet protective film can also be customized and easily cut by hand.