Advantages and characteristics of the use of glass covering film

- Nov 08, 2018-

The glass cover film is applied to the inner surface of the architectural glass for use, so as to prevent natural disasters and perceived damage, which will constitute an invisible protective net, reduce personal injury, protect property, and even replace the home security iron fence. It is also possible to fix the broken glass in place to reduce the effects of the explosion and reduce personal injury.


The glass cover film can be installed vertically, horizontally, curvedly, vertically and horizontally. It is widely used for wide use, and can be used for vertical, horizontal, curved and vertical mounting. It is widely used in residential buildings, commercial office buildings and other public buildings, as well as automobile protection and computers. Anti-radiation, mobile beauty decoration and other fields.


The use of the glass cover film can effectively enhance its privacy and clear perspective, and the life is comfortable and worry-free. The translucent or white single-layer see-through film attached to the inner side of the glass window allows light to penetrate, and the landscape outside the window is clearly distinguishable and can be blocked. Others peep and protect private space. With this transparent "coat" protection, you can be alone and at ease in your company or at home.


The glass cover film is directly mounted on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to correct the uneven temperature in the light intensity area and the back area, and disperses the glare, making the indoor personnel more comfortable and more efficient.