Advantages and application range of low tack protective film

- Nov 22, 2018-

Today's low-viscosity protective film is mainly used for dust-proof soil and scratch-resistant. In addition to mobile phone protective film, maintenance products such as computers and TVs can be used to maintain the screen. Mainly because the texture of the low-viscosity protective film is relatively hard and relatively scratch-resistant. And long-term use will not turn yellow like oil.


The substrate of low-viscosity protective film is an environmentally-friendly and recyclable material. Its own texture is hard, the surface is resistant to resisting and scratching, and it has better transparency than the Shengbang maintenance film to prevent glare. Danger of dust adsorption, etc., will not appear yellowish for a long time.


With the popularity of smart phones, the screen protection of their mobile phones has stimulated the demand for low-viscosity protective films, and the maintenance of PET materials is a better choice. In addition, it is also used in magnetic recording, photographic materials, electronic Shengbang maintenance film, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging and decoration.